The dreaded Frequently Asked Question

The Travails of an "Accomplished" Christian Bachelorette

Funny how an “innocent question” can leave one pensive, even on a very good day…

The largest conference hall was flooded with some of the finest brains and biggest names from across continents. It was the last and greatest day of a prestigious international gathering. Everyone was on their feet. The deafening sound of their prolonged applause spoke volumes. I had just delivered what was received as a mind-blowing presentation. Everyone wanted a hand shake, a hug, an autograph, my business card, a selfie, a word. The press was all over me and so were the paparazzis with blinding camera lights.

I was flying doubly high 🙂

What a … day! I thought to myself with satisfaction as I headed to the airport for a homebound flight. Replaying the scene in my mind. I no longer felt as humbled as during the standing ovation. It was time to…

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